Choreographic Philosophy

Similar to my teaching practices, my choreographic works are hybrid creations that span and incorporate a variety of idioms. The concepts of fusion, intertextuality, and collaboration are key components to my choreographic process. I strive to fully involve dancers in my creative process by incorporating and highlighting their movement tendencies, instincts, and opinions into my works.  I find that this allows for and promotes a more authentic and enriching experience for dancers, audience, and myself.  


Masculation: 1

This work explored male-to-male intimacy, proximity, and touch in order to explore new experiences of masculinity and to challenge expectations of male dancers in concert dance performance.   



Another Day of Sun

Inspired by the original motion picture, La La Land, this musical theatre work illustrates my enjoyment for creating musical theatre and jazz works. 




Simpatico was commissioned by The University of Alabama Department of Theatre & Dance. This work was set during a guest residency at UA.



(T)Here With You

This duet flourished out of my thesis research regarding men's participation in dance.  I utilized this work to explore the intricacies and implications of touch and proximity between male dancers, as well as relationship dynamics. 




This trio stemmed out of my attraction to the sounds of The Temptations, and was fueled and further influenced by personal familiar relationships. 



In the Pocket

Jazz meets modern in this contemporary concert jazz piece inspired by the jubilant speakeasies of the jazz era. This work was debuted in the 2016 Faculty Dance Concert at The University of Oregon. Click for Register Guard Review




This screen dance is inspired by the natural sounds and beauty of the Delta Ponds and Alton Baker Park located in Eugene, OR. This work was created in a Graduate Student seminar with UO Asst. Professor, Shannon Mockli. Dancers: Emma Frank and Amanda Davenport. 




Books Head

When dancers get bored in a library...

This screen dance reflects the countless hours we as graduate students have spent perusing the dance collection in the university library. We wanted to emphasize the subtle sounds that can be heard when in a library and also produce our own soundscape. Because libraries can often feel confining or stifling we dared to challenge traditional expectations of library behavior. 



On Broadway!

Musical theatre meets concert dance in this jazz piece I choreographed at the University of Alabama in 2010. 



Life Goes Full Circle

This contemporary work was initially created and performed in Dance Alabama! at The University of Alabama (2009). It was selected to be performed at The American College Dance Festival Association's regional conference.



After the Rains

This experimental screen dance, created during a Graduate Seminar at the University of Oregon, was inspired by the calm, refreshing air after a heavy downpour of rain. 



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